• Everything needs a beginning point and for Sporting Marvels, the beginning point is the Mighty Marvels Programme which sees us engage with Year 6 youngsters (ages 10 & 11) in primary/juniors schools all around the Rhondda. The children absolutely love it and the Head Teachers appreciate it.


    The Mighty Marvels Programme is a thirty-six week course designed to teach important life principles, character values, healthy lifestyle and good citizenship, whilst meeting criteria set out in the National Key Stage 2 Curriculum for PSE, RE & PE.


    We have a two year Mighty Marvels Programme which alternates annually. In year one the classroom lessons focus on The Life of David, The Life of Jesus & The Life of the Church. In Year two we focus on Old Testament Heroes, New Testament Heroes and Life of a Christian. Whilst the sports lessons cover Basketball, Adventurous Activities, Health & Fitness, Football, Netball & Striking Games.



    The deliverers are the Marvels, our ‘kid magnets‘, who build meaningful and lasting relationships with the children that give them the platform to be a positive influence in the lives of the children in the Programme. Thanks to our extremely and highly experienced team our teaching of the curriculum, resources and activities are of a high standard and with a weekly evaluation and monitoring process, everything is very professional.


    The Mighty Marvels Programme has made substantial progress in the last couple of years in particular and the depth of relationship with the schools and with the children has never been better. For the 2016/17 to 2019/20 academic year we were able to integrate two new schools into the Programme thanks to generosity of our financial partners. It means that the Mighty Marvels Programme now runs in over half of Rhondda’s primary/junior schools. So we are nearly there!!

    With a full-time presence at Ysgol Nantgwyn & Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhondda. It means the Mighty Marvels Programme also provides an excellent transitional benefit for when the Year 6 children make the step up to the comp. Having had Sporting Marvels on a weekly basis as part of the Mighty Marvels Programme in the primary/junior schools, the children are always delighted to see Sporting Marvels in their new school… and those who have shown excellent commitment and effort during their year in the Mighty Marvels Programme then have the opportunity to be part of the All-Star Programme when they make it the comp.

    You can read more regarding our Mighty Marvels Programme in our Brochure Below.

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