• Our partner youth-focused church, Dream Centre Wales, was officially launched in January 2018 with the aim of taking Jesus to today’s generation. The church was birthed out of the Sporting Marvels heart and Sunday morning services are now held in a local college.


    Since 2018 the church has developed well and many of the Marvels are key to this, especially Chelsea who now plays a leading role in driving forth our Church vision. With small groups (Crews) being led on Sunday evenings, the church started the process of creating deeper foundations, looking to develop leaders of the future who will take the church forward in the coming years.


    Dream Centre Wales’ vision is to be a contemporary Christian Church committed to sharing and living out the message of Jesus in a relevant and attractive way. DCW is committed to supporting the needs of those who consider themselves part of the church family but also the needs of the wider community where possible.


    The heart of DCW has relationship building at its core knowing just how important this is through the work of Sporting Marvels. Developing and strengthening relationships is something that is fundamental in DCW with us knowing from history that it is usually relationships that gets people through the doors. Monthly socials and crews allow us to achieve this, and given the out-going, friendly nature of each of our Marvels it’s clear to see how relationship building has helped pioneer DCW to what it is today.


    To find out more about Dream Centre Wales church please click the link below…