• Lawrie davies

  • Lawrie Davies is a Rhondda boy and former pupil at Treorchy Comprehensive School. After joining Sporting Marvels as an Intern in September 2007, he’s risen through the ranks being the only person in the organisation to have done every operational role – Intern, Trainee, Mighty Marvels Worker, Comp Worker, Events Manager, Team Leader, CEO and now Managing Director after starting Rhondda Netball, Wales’ largest female sports participation initiative in Wales back in 2016. He found his niche as Team Leader between 2010 and 2012 and helped reshape Sporting Marvels from top to bottom helping to make it the positive & effective seed-planting machine it is today. Moulded in and by Sporting Marvels, he was the ideal person to head up Sporting Marvels in its second decade working with Rhondda’s young children and the organisation has become more efficient in all areas during the last few years in particular.

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