• Ian smith

  • Smithy started at Sporting Marvels way back in Au­gust 2010. Due to his sheer passion for young people Smithy became one of Sporting Marvels’ most fa­mous primary school workers throughout 2010-2014. He then progressed onto the secondary schools’ el­ement of our operation and has pioneered the All- Star Programme to where it is today and therefore now oversees our secondary school operation. He is currently our longest serving Marvel and heads up the All-Star Programme in Ysgol Nantgwyn (formerly known as Tonypandy Community College), with his After-School Clubs becoming the best attend­ed extra-curricular activity in the school since 2014. Smithy is also Sporting Marvels Events Coordinator and has overseen our one-day events becoming the biggest in RCT! In May 2015 Smithy took on the role of Team Leader at Sporting Marvels and has since excelled in his role. Since June 2017 he has also taken on the responsibility of becoming a Trustee of both Heart for Africa and Rhondda Netball. He looks forward in excitement to another great year inside the organisa­tion doing what he loves!

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