• Rhiannon Jeffery

  • Rhiannon is a former All-Star at Ferndale Community School and had been an All-Star for a long period of time, she was in the Ferndale All-Star programme from year 7 up until she left school.
    Like Deanna and Taylar, Rhiannon was one of Jody and Couchy’s most committed All-Star, She won year 9 all star of the year in 2013 and she had All-Star Leader of the year in 2017 this singled her out to be a potential future Marvel for sure!
    She was very committed for the whole time that she was there which was 7 years, and was an excellent role model for the All-Stars. While at Ferndale she regularly over saw Ferndale’s afterschool club, playing a leading role and being one of the famous names inside the All-star programme.
    As well as being an All star in Ferndale comp she also took part in the Sporting Marvels netball team for 3 years, This also showed how committed she was too Sporting Marvels even outside of the school environment.
    Rhiannon looks forward to her first year in the Primary schools working alongside Sam, Lauren and Naomi, gaining experience and building relationships with the awesome kids we work with.


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