• Naomi james

  • Naomi James has been in relationship with Sporting Marvels since she was 11 years old being taught by American, Matt Shaffer in Penygraig Juniors

    When she graduated to Tonypandy Community College due to her proficiency at sport she was chosen by Becky to be one of ten females All-Stars! moving into the All-Star Leadership Academy where Naomi began to show the potential she had as a leader working with children.

    She excelled at overseeing the Tonypandy All-Star After School Club alongside current Marvel Lauren, and she took on an assistant coaching role within Sporting Marvels Netball.

    Naomi was the first to sign up for one of the 2014/15 Intern slots and given her All-Star status there was never any question of her securing a place. She was split between primary work and comp work during her Internship with a key focus on developing a good platform to be a positive influence for the young girls we work with. Working alongside Lauren to work through the Sporting Marvel ranks now in 2016/17 working as a Full Marvels Naomi is looking forward to the new challenge of more responsibilities that being a full marvel entails.

    Naomi also has a coaching role in Rhonnda Netball being Head Coach of the newly added Porth Netball Club.

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