• Fiona Davies

  • Fiona was born in Kent and brought up in Scotland but fell in love with the Rhondda Valleys when she first visited them in 1980. Since 1981 she has lived in Rhondda and was one of the first people to hear our founder Phil Davies’ vision for Sporting Marvels. Realising she was already too old to think of becoming a Marvel, she instead became the first regular financial giver and has consistently supported Sporting Marvels since its early days. In 2013 Fiona took early retirement from her academic career at Cardiff Business School and moved into part-time research work. So, when Lawrie asked in 2015 if she would come on board in a development role, she had time to do so and was thrilled to finally be part of the Sporting Marvels team. Fiona now has responsibility for fundraising and development, as well as becoming the Managing Director of the charity Heart for Africa, offering continued support to the communities in Tanzania that the Marvels visit on sixth form trips. Fiona is a keen distance runner and triathlete, who has completed two Ironman races as well as several ultra-distance trail running events.

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