• Deanna davies

  • Deanna Davies has been an ever present in the Ferndale All-Star Programme since the days of Elroy & Rebecca. Having stayed totally committed throughout Jody’s overhaul of Ferndale Community School’s All-Star Programme she has become an excellent young leader, particularly as a netball coach.

    A very good netball player in her own right Deanna plays wing attack or goalkeeper for the Sporting Marvels Lightning in the South Wales Community Netball League. With her experience and passion for Netball along side Chelsea, she completed her UKCC Level 1 Netball Coaching Award in 2014 & UKCC Level 2 award during 2015.

    After 4 years of splitting her time between the Mighty Marvels & All-Stars, this year Deanna has been set a new challenge with helping Jody head up the new Rhondda Netball Initiative, as well as running the New Rhonnda Ferndale clubs, Deanna will also be introducing netball to a number of our schools. Year 4-5 children, to start building the passion and love for netball at an even younger age! .

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