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latest primary school additions to the sporting marvels family!


We’re always excited to update our inFocus readers with good news, and we’re happy that this issue is packed full of great reports, one of which is this “New Schools Report”. It covers our 2016/17 expansion into Parc Primary and Bodringallt Primary, and also the 2017/18 developments that enabled us to add Ynyshir Primary & Ysgol Hen Felin (Rhondda’s school for children with special education needs). This article really demonstrates how much progress there’s been over the past few years and as they say, “you can’t argue with progress!” We have doubled in size since 2010 and that's to say nothing about the quality and the progress on all the other fronts.


"The New Schools Report is a great indicator that we’re on the right track," said Managing Director, Lawrie. "One of the first things I looked at when I became Team Leader back in 2010, was the Head Teacher appraisals at our partner primary schools. Some of them were really good, but they weren’t excellent across the board and I really wanted the team to aim for the stars instead of accepting a few warm words of appreciation and praise. I wanted my Dad's passion and DNA to sweep through the schools work, and today, this is the case across the board! This young team are passion personified and they live and breathe what they do... just like Phil! It’s what sets them apart from the teams of the past and it's this passion and heart that's allowed us to expand our reach and influence year-on-year. My hope now is that they maintain and build on the high standard they've set so we can be top class in everything we do. With Chelsea and Smithy at the wheel and the likes of Lauren, Naomi, Connah, Taylar and Lucy and the guys on our 2-Year Training Programme, I have every confidence we'll continue to grow and make an even bigger impact to the lives of Rhondda’s young people!"

"All the great schools and parent feedback we’ve had in recent times are further pointers to the progress being made", added Lawrie. "The recent appraisals from the Head Teachers at Ynyshir Primary, Ysgol Hen Felin, Parc Primary and Bodringallt Primary were a delight to read and a source of great encouragement. There's no doubt that our Mighty Marvels Health & Wellbeing Programme has never been better, and the quality of RE, PSE & PE curriculum has been of real benefit to Rhondda’s primary schools. As we embrace Wales’ new curriculum requirements as they roll-out over the next few years, we are more confident than ever that Sporting Marvels will continue to go from strength to strength."


Paula Phillips & Andrew Lewis, Head Teacher and Deputy Head, Ynyshir Primary School: "It’s been a fantastic year for us as far as Sporting Marvels is concerned. Naomi & Taylar are great Marvels who are a credit to your team and to all that you stand for. It’s a pleasure having them at Ynyshir Primary! The lesson content is outstanding, fully compliant to Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum for PE, RE, and PSE, and fully covers our Health & Wellbeing provision for our top class pupils. The Marvels, who work so well together as a team, are outstanding role models with excellent relationship skills and it’s so pleasing for us that their special rapport with the children does not take away from their excellent discipline and class control. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for your ongoing support."


Aron Bradley, Head Teacher, Ysgol Hen Felin: “Sporting Marvels have adapted every PE & RE lesson to each individual pupil in the class they teach. Day to day it’s a constant challenge for our staff to keep our pupils engaged during a lesson, yet Sam, Connah & Taylar never have a problem with this which is amazing!! Building relationships is usually a big struggle for our children due to a lack of trust, but each and every one of them has really taken to the Marvels! This is something we’re incredibly grateful for. The Marvels attitude around the school and staff is superb, their relationship building skills are seemingly effortless and their helpfulness to go the extra mile is second to none!! Thank you for everything guys, the pupils absolutely love you!!!”


David Williams, Head Teacher at Parc Primary: “Our Marvels, Sam & Lucy, have been excellent additions to the school and their contribution is valued by both the pupils and our staff. They are incredibly helpful, show the right level of discipline and can always be relied upon which is something we appreciate enormously. They are always organised and ensure that all pupils are fully engaged with each classroom and sports lesson. Our pupils respond so well to the Marvels and I believe they are not only role models to our children here at Parc Primary, but also to many within the community too!”


Sion Howells, Head Teacher at Bodringallt Primary: ”It’s been another great year for us with Sporting Marvels. The Mighty Marvels Programme does an excellent job covering the RE, PSE & PE curriculum and the RE lessons do a particularly good job covering Christianity within the RE curriculum. Every one of the Marvels show outstanding professionalism and they are extremely helpful at all times which is something we are extremely grateful for as a school! Their delivery of the classroom lessons is second to none, as is their sports coaching, and every lesson is well structured and planned out. They are fantastic role models for our children here at Bodringallt Primary and we can’t thank them enough for their contribution and the difference they make to all of the children at the school!!”


Another great New Schools Report!!