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Great Feedback from our primary school partners!

It's true to say that the last couple of years have been nothing short of amazing for our Mighty Marvels Programme!

We’re now working in more Year 6 classes across Rhondda than ever before, and our curriculum has undergone extensive development to not only comply with Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum for RE, PSE & PE, but also provide holistic health & wellbeing provision for our partner schools. While it may be true that Sporting Marvels has had more ‘talented’ teams than our current group (we once had two rappers on the team!) there has not been a more effective team!! It’s probably because “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough”, but it’s also down to the fact that no other Sporting Marvels team has ever cared about what they do, teach and role model quite like this one!!

While the programmes and methods we've developed over the years make a huge difference too, it is this 'heart' for the children that truly sets this team apart!

It bodes well for our future then that the Headteachers at all of our partner schools are thrilled with what they are seeing from our Mighty Marvels Programme, and it’s helping to push us to a place that only five years ago seemed like a million miles away - every Rhondda primary school inside Sporting Marvels! There's still plenty to improve on of course, but mediocrity is not part of our make-up, and every academic year we deliver!! Just speak to our partner primary school Headteachers…

Petra Davies - YGG Llyn y Forwyn

The Mighty Marvels Programme is a major asset to our school. The Marvels are quality role models, and they are absolutely adored by the children! I am so glad that Llyn Y Forwyn is associated with such an inspiring organisation! My Year 6 pupils have been fully engaged all year by the enthusiastic delivery of the Programme. There is an excellent balance between delivery and interaction, and I am so impressed with the Marvels' calm and disciplined enthusiasm for life! Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm, and they are young people who are tremendously positive role models for our children – something often lacking in society today. Lauren, Taylar and Non are a real credit to their families and of course, to the Sporting Marvels programme!

Cathryn Knowlson - Cwmclydach Primary

The Marvels are always enthusiastic and professional in delivering an excellent curriculum, and their preparation beforehand is evident for all to see. Despite having had a very challenging class this year, every pupil has been thoroughly engaged with lesson content and has loved their year with their Marvels, who are such outstanding role models for all our students. The children year in, year out, have loved their Mighty Marvels experience, and at Cwmclydach, we couldn't imagine school life without them! It's why we’re already looking forward to next year!!

Ian Evans (left) - Ton Pentre Juniors

The Marvels' lessons are visually interesting and provide the children with a stimulating curriculum that is supported by cutting edge IT support. They are always excellently structured and presented, while the content is pitched incredibly well for the year group! The Marvels have an enormous impact on our Year 6 pupils and are brilliant role models for them to look up to. Lauren and Connah are absolutely fantastic both with children and staff. They lead by example and are incredibly professional in their approach and delivery. They are a highly valued part of our team at Ton!! Thank You again for continuing to support Ton Pentre Junior School! We value your organisation's input and feel strongly that you make a difference and have a positive impact on the lives of the fantastic young people in Year 6 at our school. Diolch yn fawr iawn!!

Rhian Rees - Pontrhondda Primary

I am very proud to have been part of the Mighty Marvels Programme over the years! I was one of the first Headteachers approached by Phil many years ago (2005 I think), and I am so happy to see his vision come to fruition and to still be in place and thriving all these years later. The effectiveness of the delivery is seen in the huge impact of Sporting Marvels across every area of school life. The 100% “excellent” evaluation in this appraisal is not given lightly, but I find myself in the position that anything less, would not do you justice. The commitment the Marvels demonstrate and the professional way in which they act is to be highly commended. Lauren, Lucy and Connah are three fantastic individuals who work well as a team and individually. Many thanks, to them and to all at Sporting Marvels!!

Christian Coole - Darran Park Primary

Sporting Marvels helps us to deliver the RE curriculum and their expertise in PE is very beneficial for the health and fitness of all pupils. Lesson delivery is always enthusiastic and energetic - one of the key reasons why the Marvels are perceived in such great light by both staff and pupils. Our Year 6 class have absolutely loved their involvement with Sporting Marvels, the lessons a high point of each and every week. Thank you!!

Kay Emmanuelli - Llwynypia Primary

Sporting Marvels' lively delivery of the lessons is the key reason why I believe the Marvels have become such excellent role models to the children of Llwynypia Primary School. Naomi and Connah have done a brilliant job this year and I can heartily commend them for their hard work, reliability and professional attitude. The content and structure of the Mighty Marvels Programme is second to none and covers the needs of the primary school curriculum incredibly well. Thank you!!

Mark Rees - YGG Llwyncelyn

The Marvels are like part of our family here at Llwyncelyn. Their delivery of both the classroom and sports lessons is outstanding - fast paced, interesting and always sensitive to the needs of each and every individual in the class. They really are a breath of fresh air at the school!! They continually model a positive attitude that mirrors our ethos and standards at Llwyncelyn and their clear focus ensures great communication between staff, pupils and the Marvels. We would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to you all at Sporting Marvels, for all that you do for the benefit of YGG Llwyncelyn and our pupils.

Cerian Roberts - YGG Ynyswen

Our Marvels are excellent role models for Ynyswen pupils, and I especially appreciate the fact that they always attend our leavers concert and assembly. It means so much to us all! Sporting Marvels provide us with young, energetic role models who the children aspire to be like in the future. They’re helpful, punctual and their ‘never say never’ attitude inspires our children right across the board. They are perceived exceptionally well not just by the children but by staff too, as their relationship building skills are truly extraordinary!! All of us at YGG Ynyswen think that Sporting Marvels is AMAZING!

Sue Belcher - Maerdy Primary

The Marvels always present themselves professionally, and their demeanour is always positive, happy and enthusiastic. In every respect, they are positive young role models for our pupils to look up to, and they build great relationships incredibly well. We have benefited massively from having more than one Marvel available to us, and having sports specialists deliver our PE curriculum in such an excellent and interactive way, is something we really appreciate at Maerdy Primary!

Nicola Gould - YGG Bronllwyn

We at YGG Bronllwyn have always been very fortunate to have excellent Marvels who are highly thought of and who have an excellent rapport with our children and our staff too. The pupils are always fully engaged throughout the lessons and the Marvels interact exceptionally well with those pupils who have behavioural issues. Both Lauren and Lucy’s delivery of the classroom and sports lessons is quite exceptional and I believe, this is a fundamental aspect as to why they have such a positive and remarkable influence with our children.

How awesome is it to see such positive Headteacher reports across the board?! We know we still have a way to go as there are still 8 or so Rhondda primary schools we don’t yet have the capacity to offer our services to, but if we can continue this positive momentum the future certainly looks bright!