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Big splash at water day – in sizzling temperatures!!

Water Day at Sporting Marvels can only mean one thing... Summer has finally arrived! And while the Marvels had a worry or two about the weather in the lead up to Water Day 2018, when the day finally arrived, it proved an outstanding success, with over 200 kids enjoying a vast array of activities under blue skies and sizzling temperatures!!

The ongoing construction work at Tonypandy and consequential unavailability as a venue, saw us move Water Day over to Ferndale Community School. Despite the transportational difficulties and extra inconvenience for lots of parents, the event comfortably broke through the 200 barrier.

“All things considered, it went way better than we could ever have imagined,” a beaming Smithy told inFocus. “24 hours earlier, the weather forecast was for a continuous downpour of rain and thunder! Weather is everything for an event like this of course, but like I said, the sun shone all day and we had temperatures that got well into the 20's. The kids loved every minute! I did wonder early on though, whether we'd get everything ready in time. There were so many different stations to prepare, but we all pulled together as a team and got the job done! It was amazing to step back a bit and watch 200 children all drenched through, having the time of their lives!! I’m sure some of them made memories that really will stay with them forever!!”

Water Day tradition demands that all the kids get to vote for whichever leader they want to get ‘dunked’ with a bucket of water! Most survived, but chants of "Dexy, Dexy, Dexy" meant the popular Cwm Rhondda All-Star got a royal soaking courtesy of Ben and Sam, below right, the latter seeming to enjoy it just a little too much!!

Over the years our Water Days have become better and better, and so we’re already incredibly excited for Water Day 2019!!