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A Different but Heart-Hitting All-Star Leader's Presentation!

Speaking as a relatively young team, one of the consequences of Covid-19 and the tragic loss of life that we’re seeing, is a greater level of appreciation from the younger generations for things we've all taken for granted.

We’ve certainly seen it with our guys and, despite the lockdown and its challenges, the engagement and interaction especially with our older All-Stars with things like Quiz nights, Game nights, as well as one-on-one’s, has been really amazing!

With Covid-19 having put paid to this year’s All-Star Presentation Evening, we decided to do something special for our awesome young leaders. We wanted to let them know how much all of us in Sporting Marvels love them and, knew it could really help cement and deepen relationships and, let them all know that no matter what, we’re here for them!

With Naomi designing everything so it looked the part, we set about making 64 personalised cards, with inside each, a personal message off all the Marvels talking about their own relationship and memories with the respective All-Star Leader, as well as some encouraging quotes and photo memories too...

As you can see from the small selection of feedback we’ve been able to squeeze into such limited space, it was worth the effort! It proved a big hit with all the Leaders, with lots of “love” moments!!

Whilst it’s come with its negatives, we genuinely believe that this national crisis is creating an even greater platform for Sporting Marvels and our mission to see lives transformed, and this latest “project” really showed us how much our All-Star Leaders appreciate what we do! They know our heart and crucially, they know what (and who) makes us the way we are.

The next few months won’t be easy, but as Lawrie shared with the team as we were entering lockdown... the message of Jesus has been going or over 2000 years, and nothing, not even coronavirus, can stop it!!