In ten years of Sporting Marvels we have run our fair share of Church Youth clubs. In the past this was one of the key aspects of our operation. However, having not produced the kind of fruit that our Mighty Marvels Programme & All-Star Programme have produced over the years, Church Youth clubs are now primarily a way for Sporting Marvels to serve Church.

We have had some amazing Youth Clubs, even attracting upwards of 100 kids on a weekly basis for a period. But in truth, the model we had, for a variety of reasons, didn’t produce the kind of fruit we hoped for. The only exception really, is our Church Youth work at Bethel Baptist Church, Ferndale.

However, even though the Marvels of yesteryear (Elroy, Danielle, Lotan, Becca Chapman, Ugo, Steph, etc) deserve much credit for this, as do today’s Marvels – Jody, Smithy, Chelsea and Couchy – the ones who deserve the real credit are Pastor John Cox and Pam Taylor who have led the Youth work there for many years.

It’s the success at Bethel and the method that has brought success that has encouraged us to become servers at Church Youth clubs rather than being the people responsible for running the weekly youth clubs ourselves. It’s helped us focus on what we are good at, but at the same time be available to serve Church partners where possible.